Chrysalis Behaviour Support Team

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Chrysalis Therapeutic Support Services was founded by Accredited Social Worker Tanya Denny. Tanya has worked with children, Young People and Families for over 25 years. Registering as an NDIS Behaviour Support Specialist in February 2018. Tanya brings a unique trauma-informed perspective to the disability sector.

Chrysalis Therapeutic Behaviour Support Team

Chrysalis has expanded our Hunter New England Team and has developed an innovative range of clinical support services including Functional Behaviour Assessment, Develop Positive Behaviour Support plans, PBS Parent/carer training, Specialist Supports, Life skills mentoring and Social skills groups for children and adults. Chrysalis is committed to ethical service provision and trauma-informed care. Our philosophy is simple, people do well if they can.

Chrysalis is able to provide services for individuals who require Restrictive Practices.

Challenging Behaviours are often survival behaviours and are a sign of resistance.

Tanya Denny

Clinical Director

I call our Behaviour Support Team, “Behaviour Ninja’s” because they help our clients and their supporters use positive, innovative, safe ways of dealing with behaviours that most people find challenging..

Tanya’s expertise is working with children and adults with challenging behaviours. Behaviours that tend to lead to a loss of dignity for participants, and exclusion from day programs, housing services, school or work.

Assisting a person to turn resistance into resilience can take time, active support and healing relationships. We don’t ask people to give up their survival behaviours without offering an alternative way for them to get their needs met.

…Survival Behaviour can be really difficult for carers to manage and at times frightening. Survival behaviours thrive in isolation, but isolation is a barrier that’s easy to break down if we believe in every person’s right to live with dignity and respect. Let’s have a chat.

Hannah McLean

Manager Participant Supports

If I can help a family to understand how strong they are, it’s easier for them to believe in themselves and keep going.”

Hannah joined Chrysalis after honing her skills in therapeutic residential Care. Hannah has 10 years of experience in Residential Out of Home Care and brings invaluable knowledge and experience working therapeutically with children and young people who present with challenging; explosive; and anti-social behaviours.

There wasn’t a problem Hannah couldn’t help us fix, and if she couldn’t she would find someone who could. Mary Collins

Liz Swadling

Behaviour Support Clinician – Hunter

“I believe with a person centred approach we can support individuals and families to reach their potential”.\

Liz is a dynamic clinician with 10 years of experience working in the disability sector, she has extensive experience in residential care programs designing and implementing behaviour support programs for adults and children with complex needs and challenging behaviours. She is currently completing her Masters of Social Work.

Liz was so lovely to work with, she understood how hard things get and gave us the kind of support we didn’t know we needed. The Hornsby Family

Samantha Aldridge

Behaviour Support Clinician- Sydney

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see our participants grow and thrive. The little miracles can go unnoticed”.

Samantha has experience as a program facilitator, assessor coordinator of supports, trainer, plan manager and therapeutic supports. Samantha works with adults and young people with a diverse range of disabilities.

Sam’s smile made my day, she never got upset with me even when I was naughty at school. Graham.

Melissa Bundy Life Skills Mentor -Sydney

Mel has been working with a diverse range of people in community services for 8 years.

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