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Person Centred Planning

There are three features of support essential to a person-centred approach. Functional skills need to be assessed because that’s the only way to test levels of functioning. Support is needs-based & role-based.
Chrysalis works collaboratively with our clients to develop individualised behaviour support plans tailored to each person’s lifestyle aspirations while being mindful of his or her vulnerabilities.

Once you make a referral request to Chrysalis WE provide you with a quote, YOU make a decision, WE talk to you about what you think would work for you, YOU give us permission to talk to the people you think best know you best, and TOGETHER we make a step by step plan.

Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP)

The participant’s preferences are prioritised alongside the challenges for their carers and behaviours that limit or reduce the supported person’s capacity to participate meaningfully in their community. People do well if they can but we have found that most people do even better when they are given the opportunity to make informed choices and create the future that they want. Our plans are designed to improve both the participants quality of life and the quality of life of those who care for them.

How to Make a Referral

You can call the service directly or make a referral using our online system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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