Chrysalis Therapeutic Support Services

Workshops and Training

Workshops for Carers

Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) Training

This is a practical hands-on workshop experience designed to assist carers to help a child or young person repair their attachment distress and thrive.

It Hurts, Every Time

A workshop that has been designed to assist carers to recognise the indicators for distress, anxiety and reactivity. These behaviours can be very challenging for carers and care teams. How do you safely love children who have survived multiple adverse childhood experiences, grief and loss, anger, separation, anxiety, and loneliness?

How do you support a child or young person when their trauma is re-activated and they won’t allow you to care for them? We will answer this question together.

Workshops for Professionals

The ‘Road to Recovery’

A series of stand-alone but connected practice workshops for practitioners. The road to recovery for individuals, agencies and communities is almost never a neat straight line. It is complicated and requires unwavering commitment.

Topics covered include Trauma-Informed Practice Skills; Communication; Assessment and Treatment planning; Putting the protective back into Foster Care; Effective Communication Skills; Case Formulation; Person-Centred processes; Child Protection; Culturally Competent Organisations; Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework; and Positive Behaviour planning.